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We offered these two herd sire prospects out of our Donor  in the Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic in February 2017. Thank you bidders and buyers.

/S Lady Victor 6242D and her heifer calf were recently purchased for our donor program from Shaw Cattle Company. 

Lot 4   YCC Mr Hank 1601  1ET   Reg No# 43701216  Morgan x 88X.   Nebraska Cattlemen Classic



We welcome the newest addition to the family  Olivia Rae Young.

The latest news and events will be posted here.

Addison's hard work has paid off this week so far. Our goal was to make it in and out of the ring 3 times today... However, she has already surpassed that goal with winning pee wee showmanship with her heifer Sarah all by herself. Proud parents!!!

Addie was Champion Pee-Wee Showman
ISU Hoof N-Horn Redbird Rumble

/S Lady Victor 6242D ET  AHA P 43720252

Thank you to all that participated in our  "Pride in the Pasture" sale on Nov 1st. at   www.smartauctions.co

Lot 5   YCC Mr. Lightning 1605 1ET    Reg No# 43701219    Morgan x 88X.   Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic